Tab Stash

Clear your tabs, clear your mind. Only for Firefox.

Usage Tips

Find more usage tips and troubleshooting info, or add your own tips, on the Tab Stash wiki.

Easy Access to the Sidebar

For easy access to the “Tab Stash” sidebar, we recommend you place Firefox’s “Sidebars” button in your toolbar. If it’s not already there, you can do this by following these steps:

  1. Right-click on the Firefox toolbar (anywhere outside the address bar).
  2. Click “Customize…” from the popup menu.
  3. Find the icon labeled “Sidebars”, and drag it to your toolbar. (If you don’t see it, it’s probably already in your toolbar somewhere.)

If you would prefer not to do this, you can always load the list of stashed tabs by right-clicking anywhere on the page, selecting “Tab Stash” from the popup menu, and choosing “Show Stashed Tabs”.

Make Tab Stash Your Homepage

If you would prefer not to use the sidebar, or even if you just want easy access to the full-browser view of your stashed tabs, you can make Tab Stash your homepage.

  1. Right-click the Tab Stash icon in the toolbar, and choose “Show Stashed Tabs in a Tab”.
  2. Right-click in the address bar and select “Copy”.
  3. Click the Firefox menu (far right side of the toolbar), then “Preferences”.
  4. In the “Preferences” tab, click “Home”.
  5. Next to “Homepage and new windows”, click the drop-down and select “Custom URLs…”.
  6. Paste the copied URL from the address bar into the Custom URL box.

You can now open the stash any time you like by clicking the “Home” button in your Firefox toolbar.

Keyboard Shortcuts

On Mac:

On Windows, Linux and other platforms:

NOTE: The “Stash all …” keyboard shortcuts described above will stash all tabs if only one tab is selected. But if you have selected multiple tabs using Shift+Click or Cmd/Ctrl+Click, then only the selected tabs will be stashed.

Stashing Only Selected Tabs

In Firefox 64 and newer, if you get distracted and wind up with a bunch of tabs mixed together in your window for different tasks, you can select only those tabs applicable to a particular task and stash them, leaving the remaining tabs open.

Just Shift-click (or Ctrl/Cmd-click) in the Firefox tab bar to select multiple tabs at once, and click any “Stash all…” button (in the browser toolbar or stash view). When Tab Stash sees that you have multiple tabs selected, it will stash only the selected tabs.

You can still stash individual tabs using the “Stash this tab” buttons in the location bar or stash view—these buttons ignore multi-selection and stash only the currently-visible tab.

Exporting Tabs from Tab Stash

Tab Stash stores all saved tabs as bookmarks. However, restoring a tab and opening a bookmark are different—when restoring a tab through the Tab Stash interface, Tab Stash will first search for a matching hidden or recently-closed tab. If there are no matching tabs, only then will Tab Stash open a new tab.

There are two ways to get your saved tabs out of Tab Stash:

  1. Tab Stash 2.6 and later comes with import/export for a variety of formats—in the Tab Stash UI, click the menu icon to the left of the search box and choose “Export…”.
  2. Use Firefox or another extension to directly access your bookmarks. You can do this even if Tab Stash is not working or has been uninstalled. To access your bookmarks in Firefox directly, open the Firefox menu and choose Library > Bookmarks > Show All Bookmarks. Tab Stash places bookmarks for all saved tabs under Other Bookmarks > Tab Stash.

You can find detailed instructions for exporting your stashed tabs on the wiki.

Manually Editing Tab Stash Bookmarks

You may freely delete, move, or edit bookmarks saved by Tab Stash using the built-in Firefox bookmark editor, or any other bookmarks extension you like. Tab Stash will notice any manual changes to your bookmarks, and close hidden tabs associated with bookmarks that are deleted or moved out of the stash.